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About our brands

Nova is our main equestrian brand and offers affordable and stylish high quality equestrian items for both horses and riders. With Novaline, our more exclusive line of equestrian products, you can expect higher levels of quality and design for an even more luxurious and unique experience for both horse and rider. So whether you are a horse owner, rider or just interested in equestrian sports, you can find something that suits you at Nova Equisport.

NOVA is a brand known for offering reliable and affordable products for horse and rider. With a focus on fit and function, NOVA offers a wide range of horse and riding equipment designed to maximize the performance of both horse and rider.

NOVA's products are made of high-quality materials and are designed with the horse's well-being in mind. The products are designed to fit the horse's body and movement pattern in a comfortable way. NOVA's horse and riding equipment also offers a variety of features designed to help maximize performance for both horse and rider.

NOVA is a brand dedicated to offering high quality and affordable products for horse and rider. Whether you are a professional rider or just riding for fun, you can be sure that NOVA has something for you. So why not try NOVA's products and discover the difference for yourself?

NovaLine - Premium horse equipment for the conscious rider

NovaLine is the brand for the discerning rider looking for high-quality horse equipment in the upper price range. With a focus on elegance and function, NovaLine offers a wide range of horse equipment that meets the highest requirements for competition and training.

NovaLine is best known for its beautiful racing rugs that are made from the finest materials and have an outstanding fit. The competition rugs are designed to impress and give the horse a sense of luxury and comfort while providing protection and support during the competition season. NovaLine's competition blanket is a must for the serious competition rider who wants to make a strong impression on the competition track.

All products are designed to give the horse the highest possible comfort and performance, while having an elegant and exclusive design that meets the requirements of the discerning rider.

NovaLine is a brand known for its outstanding quality and elegance, and it is a brand dedicated to meeting the highest demands of the discerning rider. So if you are looking for top quality horse gear that provides both comfort and performance, NovaLine is a brand you should definitely consider.